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Bhad Bhabie (Danielle Bregoli) was criticized for her fake long nails. Look at them!
The Cash me Outside rapper has recently boasted making new nails but there is something wrong with them. They are too long! These are the nails of a girl who's 16 years of age! Danielle has sh...
Adele has never been more charming! Check out how she's singing her song “All I ask”!
Adele has suffered from excess weight for a long period of time; however, she decided to stick to the diet and has achieved great results! However, she's loved not for her shape, but for her lyri...
PewDiePie has changed his appearance drastically. What a funny meme his subscribers have created!
PewDiePie used to have quite long hair some time ago, but now he can boast a completely different look. Check out the current image of the famous YouTuber! PewDiePie's subscribers have made a ...
Leonardo DiCaprio does not care about coronavirus. He's still worried about the environment!
While the whole world is working hard to stop the spreading of the fierce coronavirus, Leonardo DiCaprio has expressed his concern about the environment of Middle East on his Instagram page. That'...
Selma Blair revealed what she's doing in the time of coronavirus. Follow her example!
Selma Blair has left a useful post on her Instagram page saying that she's in big time admiration at present. The actress is reading an interesting book. Selma Blair was diagnosed with disease...
Joe Alwyn went for a walk all alone. Look at this handsome man!
Joe Alwyn has posted a marvelous photograph on his official Instagram page. The actor went for a walk alone but he does not seen to be sad. In the black and white photo, Taylor Swift's boyfri...
Adele openly supports LGBT community. What other celebrities do the same?
Adele's fans on Instagram have shared an interesting pic showing a few famous people who support LGBT community. Adele is one of them. In the photo, she's holding the flag of the community c...
Jessica Biel showed her mother. They are like twins!
Jessica Biel has recently shared a sweet photo of her mother on her official Instagram page. That's hard to believe how similar they are! The major character of crime drama series “The sinner”...
Bella Thorne is afraid of going to Italy due to coronavirus epidemic
Bella Thorne has shared a couple of romantic photos showing her in Italy with her Italian boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo. Bella expressed her fears about his presence in Italy because of coronavirus. ...
Cara Delevingne advertises Puma sportswear with a noble goal! Check out the details!
Cara Delevingne has shared a cute photo on her Instagram page saying that the Puma brand donates to the female organization. So, she is happy to help them. According to actress Delevingne, she is w...