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Hailey Baldwin was almost robbed
© Instagram / Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin was almost robbed

News author: Linda Williams
2020-02-02 21:48:20

Hailey Baldwin has been seen walking in the street these days with an opened little bag handing down on her shoulder. She could be easily robbed.

One of Hailey's fans has posted two photos of the singer on Instagram. In the first pic she is wearing a black T-shirt, a black jacket, black tight pants and black boots. Bieber is having an opened bag on her shoulder and does not seem to notice this. Who knows maybe she had some of her personal things stolen already.

In the second photograph Hailey already has her bag closed. Hopefully, she did not experience any losses. The actress has a good feeling of style, according to her fans. Her hair is nicely styled too. Hailey Baldwin is really a beautiful lady.


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