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Jojo Siwa has worked hard this month
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Jojo Siwa has worked hard this month

News author: Linda Williams
2020-02-01 14:30:58

Jojo Siwa has left a touching capture on her Instagram on the last day of January. She confessed she is exhausted.

According to Jojo's post, this month was tricky for her. The last 31 days have been «the hardest, longest, and most stressful days» in her life. At the same time January has also been very rewarding. The singer has lived through many emotions – sadness, joy, happiness, confusion.

Jojo Siwa has done so much in January - she went on tour in Australia, moved to a new home, filmed a TV show, was starred in two Music Videos. Even though she hasn't had a single day off, she is thankful for the people who helped her to live through all of these hard moments. Jojo encourages everyone to cherish every second of their life.


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