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Julianne Hough celebrated Oprah's birthday
© Instagram / Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough celebrated Oprah's birthday

News author: Linda Williams
2020-01-30 22:32:56

Julianne Hough celebrated Oprah's 66th birthday with her during Oprah's 2020 Vision Tour on January 29.

Julianne greeted Oprah Winfrey for her 66th birthday on her show as well as on her Instagram page. She expressed her gratitude for Oprah's presence during «this life changing tour». The dancer thanked the show host for being a good example to others. Julianne Hough confessed that she liked dancing together.

The video is so much fun! Everyone who has seen it claims that it is filled with a lot of energy. Julianne's followers are sure that Oprah will soon become slender if she continues to workout in the same way. They are also amazed with the beauty of Julianne's body. Some of them say she should do porn. By the way, recently Hough was starred in a nude photo session.


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