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Justin Bieber became a sandwich seller
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Justin Bieber became a sandwich seller

News author: Linda Williams
2020-01-24 12:14:46

In early January, Justin Bieber released a video for his song track with the simple title «Yummy». It became the musician's first song in four years.

Bieber decided to celebrate this release with James Corden by becoming a guest of his «The Late Late Show».

For a sketch that will appear in the next episode of the show, Corden's team put a food truck to the center of Los Angeles. The car was literally covered with branded stickers with the title of Bieber’s song.

The 25-year-old singer sold cheese sandwiches and tacos to all passers-by. The sandwiches were named after Bieber’s two most popular songs – «Where Are You Now That I Cheese You?» and «Despatacos». In total, he sold them to more than 100 people.

You could buy a sandwich or tacos for $1. The money from the sale of snacks were given to the organization «L.A. Food Bank», which provides food to poor families.


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